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Latest Bloom Prediction

Updated May 24, 2019

peak bloom Ends for yoshino cherry blossoms

Episode 19 of Sakura Watch 2019 has been posted (read the latest update here) and peak bloom has now ended. The sakura trees only have the random cluster or single blossom, displaying less than 1% of blossoms on average throughout the park. The viewing season for these blossoms are now done for 2019.

FUgenzo blossoms are in bloom

Another more robust variety of cherry blossom, known as Fugenzo, are now in bloom in select areas of the Park. Located at the base of Cherry Hill and along Grenadier Pond, at the foot of Hillside Gardens, these trees are at approximately 50% bloom and should hit peak bloom by May 26th. Read more about these in today’s update.

Don’t shake, break or grab branches

Many people may not realize that when they’re trying to get the ‘perfect photo’ by grabbing or pulling down a branch can break or damage them. Do NOT take a small twig for a ‘souvenier’ as you are actually damaging the tree and inviting pests and disease enter into the broken areas. It’s like you getting an infection in an open wound.

Also, do NOT shake the branches to knock off petals prematurely, as it shortens the viewing time for others to view the tree and is and incredibly selfish act to perform that does no good for anyone.

What you should do, is take photos without touching the trees, enjoy the sights and smells of the blossoms and leave the park in the same way as you came to see it. This way we all can get the chance to enjoy the sakura cherry blossom peak bloom.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to read the latest post to see the video and photos. As always, watch for more updates soon!

Latest Prediction // May 24, 2019

Peak bloom WAS between May 10-20, 2019
cherry blossom season is over
— Sakura Steve Prediction
 First Sakura // Cherry Blossoms open up on April 30, 2013.

 Past Bloom Dates

These are the peak bloom dates that I recorded since starting this website in April 2012. Note that 2016 there was no bloom, with less than 25% of buds flowering. Each year the dates grow to be more unpredictable due to erratic weather changes. Tracking the progress of the buds to blossom is the best way to predict when they will bloom next.


2018 bloom
May 7-12


2017 Bloom
April 24 - May 2

 Only few blossoms to found in the park - photos taken May 6, 2016 by Steven Joniak -

2016 BLoom (only 25%)

May 7-12

 Sakura // Cherry Blossoms in High Park - hot sunny weather and blossoms are in peak bloom - May 7, 2015 -

2015 Bloom
May 5-10

 Sakura // Cherry Blossoms in High Park - peak bloom but less blossoms overall this year
May 13, 2014 -

2014 Bloom
May 12-21

 Sakura // Cherry Blossoms are at 70-80% near peak bloom on May 3, 2013. ©Steven Joniak Photography

2013 Bloom
April 30 - May 6

 Sakura // Cherry Blossoms in High Park - April 17, 2012 -

2012 Bloom
April 10-17



Enjoy your visit to the park and please remember to respect the trees:

  • DON'T shake the branches because when you do, the blossoms fall and leave the trees bare - let the bloom last longer and they'll fall naturally;

  • DON'T climb the trees as you can damage or break the tree branches as happened before;

  • DON'T break off small blooms or branches - the more you damage the trees, the greater the chance they will be open to disease or insects in destroying them;

  • DO take pictures respectfully so everyone can enjoy the sakura // cherry blossoms for years to come;

  • DO keep the park clean by putting waste in its place or even better, only bring in what you are going to take back out with reusable containers.

Thank you all who respect the sakura // cherry blossoms - your care helps ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy them year after year.