Sakura Watch, May 3, 2013 - 80% Bloom in 3 days!

Sakura Watch, May 3, 2013 - 80% Bloom in 3 days! After a long wait mother nature surprised with a quick turnaround that opened up the flowers from 1% to near 80% in just 3 days!!! Thank the warm, sunny weather for taking in the beauty this weekend and with some luck these Sakura well stay out until Mother's Day the following weekend.

Here are a collection of photos taken this evening from each main area in the park.

sports fields near Bloor Street entrance


High Park Trail / Cherry Blossom Hill and Grenadier Pond

These are the most extensive collection of trees that line the path down the big hill near Grenadier Restaurant and continue down along the pond’s edge.


Near Children’s Playground and High Park Zoo

These are a small collection of trees located along the path between the Children’s Adventure Playground and High Park Zoo. This area is also quite busy because of the parking lots that are right next to the trees.