What is Sakura In High Park

Sakura in High Park is a website dedicated to tracking the progress of the cherry blossoms in High Park, Toronto. The overall goal is sharing the progress through photography, video and blog posts that will inform everyone of the best time to visit High Park and enjoy the beauty of the trees in peak bloom.

When did Sakura in High Park first begin?

The website first launched on March 31, 2012, as a blog that focused on tracking the progress of the cherry blossoms in High Park.

Why are there advertisements on the website?

Advertisement banners are placed throughout the website as a way to help pay for the time and fees required to run this website and social media pages. I am not paid any salary and do this out of my own free time and money, so this helps to cover some of the costs like web hosting, travel time, etc.


Is this site have any official association with High Park nature centre or the city of toronto?

No. This website is not associated in any official capacity with High Park Nature Centre or the City of Toronto. It is an entirely independent blog designed to help to educate and inform visitors to about the annual cherry blossom bloom in High Park.

Who manages the sakura in high park website & social media pages?

This website and all social media channels are run by Steven Joniak, aka “Sakura Steve”. He creates and produces all the content included on the site and social media sites, including photos, videos and copywriting.

Why did Steve Create this website?

After being disappointed with the lack of information and resources on when the cherry blossoms bloom in High Park, I decided to build the Sakura In High Park in 2012. The website was set out to be the best resource in Toronto that would educate and inform other blossom enthusiasts on the progress of the trees from bud to bloom.