Quick Update: Best way to see the Sakura // Cherry Blossoms - Car, TTC, bike or walk?

A question I get asked quite a bit is what is the best way to see the Sakura // Cherry Blossoms - car, TTC, bike or walk? I want to encourage everyone to take TTC, bike or walk to the park instead of driving as much as possible because I will warn you all that trying to find parking in the park on a weekend is a highly test of patience!

Add to that road construction on Bloor St taking away the 2 closest lanes to the park. This means there is NO PARKING on Bloor (unless you risk getting a hefty fine, like all the cars that are seen parked in the construction area which ALL did get tickets). I have updated the Maps & Directions page map - click to view . Hopefully this info will help you all going out this weekend to enjoy the beginning of Sakura // Cherry Blossoms for 2013!