Sakura Watch May 9, 2018 - Its now full bloom in High Park

Sakura Watch May 9, 2018 - It is now full bloom in High Park, and with large crowds beginning to fill up the park in the mornings and scarce parking available, the annual sakura hanami is well underway in the park. The viewing time to enjoy the blossoms will be brief this year due to predicted rains and thunderstorms overnight into Thursday. If there is heavy rain, it threatens to knock down some blooms on Thursday, meaning there may be more of the sakura cherry blossoms on the ground instead of the trees. Watch the latest video update from YouTube:


Full Bloom throughout High Park

After months of frustratingly cold weather, the anticipation of spring and the long wait was finally over! Blossom enthusiasts are making the journey to High Park today, were welcomed with the beautiful visual spectacle of seeing ALL the cherry blossom trees with 90 - 100% open blossoms.

After a few disappointing years with either little or no blossoms to view, 2018 redeemed itself and proved to be a great comeback year with the sakura trees looking much fuller and brighter.

Serene and fluffy clouds of white blossoms floated above smiling faces all along the meandering High Park Trail down towards Grenadier Pond.

See the photo gallery of today's visit (I planned to shoot more photos, but forgot to pack a spare battery 🙄 ):

More rain on way into Mother's Day

Unfortunately, the days of full bloom viewing is cut short this year due to potential rainfall. The hope is that the rain on Thursday may be light enough to allow the blossoms to survive until Friday to gain at least 2 more days to enjoy the bloom.

Then looking towards Saturday, more significant amounts of rain will likely knock down many of the blossoms, which will disappoint many people’s Mother’s Day weekend plans.

On a brighter note, at least the High Park Zoo Llamas got their chance to take in the blossoms as well. You heard right - Llamas were enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Stay tuned for more updated soon!