Sakura Watch, June 2, 2014 - Last blossoms hang on near Grenadier Pond

Sakura Watch, June 2, 2014 - Last blossoms hang on near Grenadier Pond quite literally where today I saw the half of each trees blossoms on the ground while still more were hanging down in all the branches. I was surprised to see these blossoms again while riding through the park today and stopped to take a few photos with my iPhone (see the gallery above). These blossoms are the Akebono / Fugenzo variety that is much larger and fuller than the more well-known Yoshino blossoms.

For those still planning on visiting the park this week, look for these trees at the foot of the large hill, also known as Hillside Gardens. The trees are a small group of about 5 trees and are easily identifiable as they are the only trees in the area with blossoms still in bloom. Many of the flowers are even at eye height allowing you to get nice close-up photos and even smell their sweet scents.

Oh, just be careful to watch for the family of geese that seemed to be enjoying the area. Proud pair of parents are happily parading their young ones, but hissing at anyone that's getting too close - especially dogs! But if you treat them respectfully they will walk right beside you - just remember you should not be feeding them white or plain bread as its not good for them.

Getting back to the Sakura, all the other cherry blossom trees throughout the park are now fully greened with rich, green leaves. Another more hidden away group of trees that Facebook follower Amy M. pointed out to me recently seemed to be all leaves right now too so I will have to wait until next year to investigate those more closely to see if they are indeed another great place in the park to enjoy the sakura cherry blossoms.

This will be the last Sakura Watch post for 2014 - let's all look forward to next year and hope the weather and trees will be in better sync for us to enjoy!

Thanks for visiting the site, and watch for new features, galleries and other sakura related info soon!