Sakura Watch, May 24, 2014 - Akebono / Fugenzo trees are in peak bloom

Sakura Watch, May 24, 2014 - Akebono / Fugenzo trees are in peak bloom and offer blossom enthusiasts one more chance to enjoy this other variety of sakura flowers.

Recognized for the large palm-sized flower and round, fluffy shape, these blossoms are a sharp contrast to the more delicate 5 petal shaped cherry blossoms most of us know. Due to their size and weight, they tend to be hanging and facing downward from the trees. Their colours can vary from a deep pink to bright white and all shade combinations in between.

These blossoms are now in peak bloom and should offer another week of enjoyment before falling off (unless of course, we have any strong storms or heavy rains and wind).

Most of the trees can be seen in a small group of 3 trees at the bottom of the winding path near Grenadier Pond. The largest group of 8 trees are located a bit further down the path along the pond including one large tree just past the dock.

The trees can also be recognized by their copper & olive coloured leaves which end in a sharp point and have serrated edges. Their trunks are tall and straight instead of the more twisty branches seen in other Yoshino sakura trees. Always the late bloomers, these tend to flower near the same time other trees are blooming throughout the park and walking around you can see many beautiful colours of various blooms in this park this weekend.

So take advantage of this first really gorgeous weekend of 2014 to take in the Akebono / Fugenzo trees and one last chance to catch another member of the sakura cherry blossom family. There are so many beautiful natural wonders throughout the park to take in, so please remember to respect the trees and wildlife during your visit. Have a great weekend!