Sakura Watch, March 20, 2015 - First day of spring and first look at the Sakura buds

Sakura Watch, March 20, 2015 - First day of spring and a first look at the Sakura buds and the official beginning of the Sakura Watch for 2015!

My initial impression lent to the idea the trees all tend to look healthier with more buds then this same time last year. Though most of the roadside trees have has some significant amount of pruning, the bulk of the cherry blossom trees seem to have survived this past winter and cold weather rather well.

So can we predict when the trees will bloom this year? Well, there is definitely going to be at least a month away considering Grenadier Pond itself is still frozen over (see photo above)! It's still too early to accurately predict, though keeping with the usual time frames of last week of April to early May is definitely a safe assumption for now.

Keep following my updates through the website, Facebook and Twitter in the weeks ahead as I will continually visit the park and photograph the progress and help everyone to predict when the best time will be to see the cherry blossom blooms.

Thanks for visiting the site, and watch for new features, galleries and other sakura related info in the near future!