Sakura Watch May 21, 2019 - Few cherry blossoms left to view

Sakura Watch May 21, 2019 - Few cherry blossoms left to view after rains and windy weather this past weekend have knocked down the majority of flowers off of the trees. Hopefully, you had a chance to take advantage of the long weekend to view the remaining peak bloom before the weather turned for the worse. Visiting today and later this week will show more leaves than flowers on display.

Watch the latest YouTube update below:

Very few blossoms to view throughout High Park

For those who want to venture out this week, you will see more leaves than flowers on the trees. It will be a challenge to find even a small cluster or the odd blossom filled branch - instead expect to see falling petals and empty blossom stems.

Overall, there has been a significant loss of blossom petals throughout nearly every area of the park. From the sports fields to Cherry Hill, to the trees along Grenadier Pond and the Dock, on average were displaying approximately 20% of their cherry blossoms.

Even the trees by the Children’s Adventure Playground and High Park Zoo were showing only slightly more blossoms, but they too are near the end of their viewing period.

These photos captured today will show what you could expect to see over the final days of the blossom season:

Fugenzo blossoms are ready to bloom

The only bright spot was finding the lesser-known fugenzo cherry blossoms were now getting ready for their own peak bloom. These blooms are only a small collection of trees found at the base of Cherry Hill, and also grouped at the base of Hillside Gardens, just before the Docks.

These are noticeably larger and rounder in appearance than what most know as cherry blossoms. I will be back to check on these blossom over the days watch for more updates soon.