Sakura Watch May 24, 2019 - Fugenzo blossoms are now in bloom

Sakura Watch May 24, 2019 - Fugenzo blossoms are now in bloom in a few select locations in High Park. Starting at the bottom of Cherry Hill, you will notice 3 trees that are in bloom. These are a different variety of late-blooming cherry trees known as Fugenzo. The blossoms are much larger, rounder, and have a puffy look that can be seen in various shades of vibrant pink to soft white.

Watch the latest YouTube update below:

Less than 1% of Yoshino Cherry Blossoms

Throughout the Park, the coveted Yoshino cherry blossom trees now filled with leaves, with a rare few flowers still hanging on and scattered throughout the Park. Overall, there is less than 1% of the favourite white cherry blossoms to see.

Fugenzo Cherry Blossoms at 50% bloom

In addition to the three trees mentioned at the top of this post, more trees are located a short walk ahead, at the base of Hillside Gardens. Even though these are only small groups of trees, they are still pleasant to experience.

Currently, they are showing approximately 50% bloom. Once opened, these blossoms will likely hang around into the second week of June. Here are some photos from today. These photos captured today show what the fugenzo blooms look like:

End of season nears

With more sunny weather on the way, the Fugenzo trees should hit peak bloom beginning May 26th. These more robust cherry blossoms should last for approximately two weeks, and are always a nice consolation prize for those who may have missed the larger blossom bloom.

This also marks the end of another cherry blossom season in High Park, but that doesn’t mean there is so much more nature and other beautiful flowers to enjoy over the weeks and months ahead! My posts will be infrequent now, but as time allows, I may have more to offer over the new few weeks. Thanks for following along the blog and watch for more updates and info to come soon.