Sakura Watch, May 17, 2019 - Cherry blossoms peak bloom extends into the Victoria Day weekend

Sakura Watch, May 17, 2019 - Cherry blossoms peak bloom extends into the Victoria Day weekend. This spring has been one of both frustrations and surprises, but having the peak bloom last for over a week has definitely been one pleasant surprise. The trees survived the rains and held on to their flowers which allow all of us one more weekend to take in the beauty throughout High Park.

Watch the latest YouTube update below:

Bloom by the Sports Fields (near Bloor St entrance)

Today the trees by the sports fields were displaying approximately 85% of their cherry blossoms. You do see the green leaves beginning to grow in, and there are a few blossom petals beginning to fall under the breeze. Overall the trees still look quite full. It’s only when you look close that you begin to notice the fallen petals. The photo gallery for this area is below:

Bloom on Cherry Hill (near Grenadier Restaurant)

The trees on Cherry Hill look beautiful, with approximately 85% of the blooms on display all along the path. Here too you will find a bounty of beautiful blossom clusters throughout the trees. Some trees are more advanced than others in growing in their green leaf foliage, but overall the area has plenty to admire.

Additionally, the magnificent Magnolia tree is also in bloom! Located at the top of the Japanese Garden (across the street from Grenadier Cafe) it’s easy to spot this 30 foot tall (or taller?) tree showing off its gorgeous large pink and white flowers. The photo gallery for this area is below:

Bloom along Grenadier Pond & Dock

Continuing down toward the base of Hillside Gardens along Grenadier Pond, visitors will find the trees also displaying approximately 85% of their blossoms. There are also yellow tulips opening up throughout the large maple leaf situated within the round bushes.

Closer to the Dock, these trees also are displaying 85% of their blossoms, but you do see a good number of blossom petals on the ground. Coming here on windy days will allow you to experience the 'cherry blossom blizzard'. Keep in mind that shaking the trees is NOT the same thing, and only ruins it for everyone else. The photo gallery for this are is below:

Bloom near Children’s Adventure Playground & High Park Zoo

Peak bloom is also in full swing by the Children's Adventure Playground and High Park Zoo, where approximately 95% of the blossoms are on display. The reason why the percentage is higher than the other areas is due to how much later it took for these blossoms to open. These trees usually reach peak bloom a few days later than the different areas of the park.

These flowers will continue to thrive for a few days longer, which opens up the possibility to extend their viewing time past the long weekend. The photo gallery for this are is below:

Road Closures Ended

High Park now once again allows all vehicles to enter the Park. For more on parking locations and blossom map, see my Maps & Directions page. But keep in mind parking is limited and the park will likely be very busy during evenings and weekends.

Your best options are to walk, bike or take TTC. And remember there are 14 other locations throughout the city that people can experience the cherry blossoms without crowds as large as High Park is expected to have.

Bloom expected to last until Victoria Day

This long holiday weekend will be the last chance to enjoy the full bloom in High Park. If you haven't gone out to enjoy the blossoms, now is the time to see them, as they will likely all fall by the middle of next week.

Though we have been fortunate that the cherry blossoms survived the amounts of rain we've had to date, the trees are also now reaching the extent of their typical blooming period of 10 days. I am already seeing petals falling in the breeze, and expect more to follow throughout the weekend.

I will be back to visit the Park after the holidays, but for now, I wish everyone have a fun and safe Victoria Day! Watch for more updates soon.