Sakura Watch May 18, 2018 - Late bloomers have begun

Sakura Watch May 18, 2018 - Late bloomers have begun to display their larger, fluffy flowers in High Park. Though there are only a handful of the Akebono and Fugenzo trees, they offer some beautiful blossoms of their own to enjoy for those who may have missed the Yoshino trees white blossoms. And as of today, visitors to the park expecting to see the white flowers will be disappointed only to see those sakura trees entirely going to leaf. Watch the latest video update from YouTube:


Akebono and Fugenzo have begun to open

The late-blooming Akebono and Fugenzo trees have started to display their larger, fluffy flowers and should be in full bloom within a few days! The flowers are much larger than the smaller, delicate Yoshino variety and also more resilient. Due to their size and multiple layers of petals, they tend to hang down toward the ground and are accented by the orange and copper coloured leaves.

These trees can be spotted near the bottom section of the High Park Trail hill and a few more located a bit farther down the path between the ‘maple leaf’ garden and Grenadier Pond. What the lack in sheer numbers, they make up in impact as visitors will surely be hard pressed to miss these trees in all their puffy blossom glory once they fully bloom.

Rainy Saturday will slow them down, but with sunny days following into Victoria Day Monday, they should be nearly all open by then and throughout the upcoming week!

On that note, I wish everyone a fun & safe Victoria Day weekend and will be back with more updates on these trees after the holiday!