Sakura Watch May 16, 2018 - Last few days of blossoms

Sakura Watch May 16, 2018 - Last few days of blossoms to view in High Park as the season winds down for 2018. Rain and wind over the past week have knocked down the majority of cherry blossoms, cutting short the amount of time we had to enjoy the full bloom. Visually speaking, most trees are down to much less than 25%. But there were a few trees with blossoms down by the lower part of the Hillside Trail and along the shore of Grenadier Pond. Watch the latest video update from YouTube:


Shower of blossom petals

The wind has played its part by blowing off the remaining blossoms and visitors could be seen taking in the shower of delicate, white, blossom petals. This has its own magic beauty to experience on its own as hearing the sounds of the wind in the trees and feeling the petals land on you, almost tickling in the way of one last reminder of the special place these trees hold in our hearts.

Little, if any, blossoms to view May long weekend

Sadly, with the falling blossoms also mean the viewing season is soon to end. With more rain in the forecast this week, chances of seeing any last few blossoms remain slim over the May long weekend. My next visit on Friday will confirm how true this may be.

Late blooming Akebono and Fugenzo

The one bright spot of note is that the Akebono and Fugenzo trees are only now beginning to get ready for their big debut! Flower buds are already seen prepared to open with many more likely a week away. I'll be watching these trees next as they share their own unique beauty and help stretch the sakura hanami season a little longer. Stay tuned for more updates soon!