Sakura Watch March 28, 2018 - Easter weekend shows slow progress

Sakura Watch March 21, 2018 - Easter weekend shows slow progress throughout High Park as winter weather continues in Toronto. This recent visit did, however, raise the hope that there may be signs the sakura // cherry blossom trees could move into the next stages as early as next week. Watch the latest update below:


Positive Note

On a positive note, the trees continue to look healthy, and their buds have begun to swell. This indicates that they may start the next stage of development as early as next week! See some photo examples below:

But the weather seems to have other plans. With one more blast of winter expected this weekend, it may further slow the progress until we can see some warmer weather again. Since the buds are still closed, they should be well protected and survive any snow and cold.

Let’s hope the Easter bunny will inspire some good news to share after the holiday! Wishing you all and your families have a happy and safe Easter weekend!

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