Sakura Watch March 21, 2018 - Buds locked in early stages

Sakura Watch March 21, 2018 - Buds locked in early stages of development due to continued cold weather throughout the early days of spring in Toronto. This recent visit to High Park has shown little has changed with the sakura // cherry blossom trees since my last visit. Watch the latest update below:

Bright Side

On the bright side, the blossom buds are still looking well formed and healthy. This bodes well for a great and full peak bloom this year when the time finally arrives. It will take consistently warmer temperatures before we can expect the buds to move on to the latter stages. Here are a few photos shot today in the park showing the sakura buds protecting themselves from the cold.

In a recent Toronto Star story, Environment Canada recently noted it won’t be until early April before that happens and if right, that may then push blooming dates farther out toward the end of April. But as we all know, weather prediction has not had a great track record. Let's hope that the warmer weather returns soon rather than later.

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