Sakura Watch, April 29, 2019 - Buds survive the latest round of unseasonably cold weather

Sakura Watch, April 29, 2019 - Buds survive the latest round of unseasonably cold weather in High Park. The cherry blossoms buds do appear to be healthy and quite resilient against the cold. The less than ideal conditions have slowed down the progress overall as most buds are still in the later forth stages with very few having moved into the fifth stage of development. Keep reading for more details and photos below or watch my latest YouTube video summary:

Mixed blessings

The current forecast is really a mixed blessing for the trees. Though they are calling for warmer double-digit temperatures, more rain for the latter half of this week is also expected. The trees to like the warmth, but not so much rain. This again throws off any prediction dates as they mixed conditions will likely slow the progress and push the bloom dates back out again to later next week.

The bright spot is the chance of a sunny and warm weekend, where we should see both Saturday and Sunday being wonderful spring days. This could finally be the breakout moment the trees need to get the last big push into the final stages and begin opening up blossoms.

Bloom dates bounce with the weather

A few days ago, it was looking like the bloom might start earlier than previously predicted, but now, thanks to the cold, the dates have been reset again and pushed out to the following week. Looking at all the buds, you can see they are all in slightly different stages with some more ahead than others. This bodes well for an extended bloom since having some open sooner, and others later will allow the viewing time to be extended - as long as we don’t get even more rain.

Here are a few photos that were taken today. Take note the little change in progress from the last update:

New prediction, old dates

So as mother nature chooses to play her games, my prediction dates are also going to be pushed out again. If the current weather systems keep on track, then cherry blossoms will begin to open this weekend around May 3rd to 5th. With a much drier, warmer and sunnier week ahead, we should also expect to see the peak bloom with the trees displaying 70% of beautiful white flowers between May 7th to 12th

One thing I should make clear is that when I mention these dates, I am indicating a window when the event would occur. So in other words, the peak bloom could happen on any day within the 7th to the 12th range of days.

My visits will be much more frequent now as I strive to catch a glimpse of the very first opened blossom of the year, so watch for more updates soon!