Sakura Watch, April 26, 2019 - Surprise! Cherry Blossoms will open sooner than predicted

Sakura Watch, April 26, 2019 - Surprise! Cherry Blossoms will open sooner than predicted after witnessing the buds have all jumped into the fourth development stage much faster than expected! During today's visit to High Park, I could see nearly all the buds had their florets partially extended, including many with vibrant, pink bulbs. Keep reading for more details and photos below or watch my latest YouTube video summary:

Warmth helped push the buds ahead

The much more seasonal temperatures over the past week helped the cherry trees to ‘catch up’ in their development, and get ready to move on to the next stage. Some buds have even started the fifth stage, where the florets fully extend from the bud and could mean the very first cherry blossoms of the year to open may come early next week.

Bloom earlier then predicted

These new revelations will now signal that the peak bloom may occur a few days earlier the predicted, with May 3-7 now being the potential dates. So next weekend may be the first chance to finally see the sakura cherry blossoms in High Park!

Here are a few photos of the florets and pink bulbs extending from the buds:

Threat of a cold weekend

My real concern is that the cold snap the Park will experience over this weekend could have the potential to damage some of the more advanced florets. With overnight temperatures dipping back down below zero, the cold may affect the delicate florets that are no longer protected within their bud casings

Strong chance they will survive

The bright side is that since the florets are still bundled together and closed, this may even offer them some protection from the cold. As well, the temperatures will rise during the day, so they are not being regularly exposed to the frigid air.

My next visit on Monday will help determine how well they have fared to this latest threat. Watch for more updates soon!