About Sakura // cherry blossoms In high park


This website was born from an idea while Sakura Steve was looking to create a project that could inspire his artistic and technical aspirations. He had been delving more into photography and thought shooting the Sakura Cherry Blossoms in High Park would be an excellent opportunity. But when Sakura Steve struggled to find any cohesive source of information on when the Sakura would bloom or where they were around the park the idea of building a site towards solving this need was born.

Steve's idea planned on building a website that could serve as a cross-section of his graphic design, web design and photography skills while also creating a single comprehensive resource related to the Sakura. Inspired by the incredible work seen on other websites such as those for the Washington & Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festivals he wondered why couldn't we have an event and celebration like this in Toronto?

Facebook and Twitter had helped to both get the word out and bring people together in knowing when were the best times to view the blossoms. It also helps to build a community with hopes to one day grow into an annual event that can be celebrated by all Torontonians.



Sakura Steve is the creation of Steven Joniak, artist, graphic designer, and photographer.

Site design, photography & video created by Steven Joniak (unless otherwise noted).

Questions about this site or other design & photography opportunities, contact us or visit StevenJoniak.com.