Peak Bloom Prediction for 2016

Predicting Blooms NO Peak Bloom – at most 10-25% in 2016  Predicting Blooms

Updated May 13, 2016 – Although there is no peak bloom this year, a surprising observation shows that there are still a few blossoms to bloom over the coming week – as long as the weather cooperates after we had to deal with yet another cold weekend which included flurries and hail!

The observation was noted in the sakura trees located in the Spring Road area near the High Park Zoo and Adventure Playground – full details on the surprising observations can be read on this post. In summary, there is a chance the few remaining buds on the trees may actually burst into bloom over the next week or two, pending we have more consistent warmer weather. It appears that about 10-25% of buds have remained in a holding pattern but now show signs of possibly going to flower even if they will be very few, very sparse and each tree will still be predominantly leaves.

The Akebono / Fugenzo trees are fairing much better and will also be blooming this week offering another chance at enjoying the flowers before the end of the month.

Stay tuned for more updates and checks on the status mid-week and towards the Victoria Day long weekend.

Enjoy your visit to the park and please remember to respect the trees:

  • DON’T shake the branches because when you do, the blossoms fall and leave the trees bare – let the bloom last longer and they’ll fall naturally;
  • DON’T climb the trees as you can damage or break the tree branches as happened before;
  • DON’T break off small blooms or branches – the more you damage the trees, the greater the chance they will be open to disease or insects in destroying them;
  • DO take pictures respectfully so everyone can enjoy the sakura // for years to come

Thank you all who respect the sakura // cherry blossoms – your care helps ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy them year after year.

Predicting the Sakura // Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom

Predicting exactly when the blooms is always a bit tricky from year to year. Weather conditions fluctuate and alway move the date from a few days to even weeks then the normal bloom time. Usually, peak bloom throughout High Park occurs during the weeks of late April and early May.

Stage 1

Predicting Blooms

Brown colour in Buds

Late February to mid-March

Stage 1: The first signs of development show small, brown buds.

Stage 2

Predicting Blooms

Green Color in Buds

Late March to early April

Stage 2: Green tips now begin to be visible on the buds. Still an early stage and well protected from the cold weather which can slow down the development as it has in 2014.

Stage 3

Predicting Blooms

Buds swell, Florets Visible

Early to mid-April, Average 16-21 days to Peak Bloom

Stage 3: Larger, round green buds begin to swell and become more pronounced in size and shape as the florets begin to show. Some buds even begin to display spots of deep pink.

Stage 4

Predicting Blooms

Buds continue to swell with Florets extending

Average 12-17 days to Peak Bloom

Stage 4: As buds have swollen to their largest size, florets begin to extend and elongate. Each floret represent a cherry blossom which will fade through colours of deep pink to white once they fully open.

Stage 5

Predicting Blooms

Florets begin to show individual extensions (Peduncle Elongation)

Average 6-10 days to Peak Bloom

Stage 5: Florets now begin to display the beginnings of individual blossoms with combinations of deep and bright pink colours. Now extremely vulnerable, frost or sudden drops can damage or even kill the blossoms at this stage as happened in 2008 when a sudden cold snap resulted in no blossoms blooming that year.

Stage 6

Predicting Blooms

White Blossoms begin to puff and open

Average 4-6 days to Peak Bloom

Final stage: The highlight of the Sakura // Cherry Blossoms when the pink florets begin to fully open into bright, white blossoms throughout the park. Each section opens at slightly a day or so apart, but offer an inspirational spectacle for all to see for the next 1-2 weeks (weather permitting).

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    • Sakura Steve says:

      Unfortunately, the rain the last few days has knocked down all the blossoms so they are done for this year. You may see the start of the other blossoms (akebono) and other plants and flowers starting to come in, but no more Yoshino blossoms.

      Thanks for visiting the website,
      Sakura Steve

  1. Parul says:

    Hello all,

    Any idea if any bloom is still left? It rained last night and seems windy this morning. We are in other part of gta and before we left home for the park, just wanted to know if it’s worth the trip this year.

    Many thanks

    • Sakura Steve says:

      Unfortunately, the rain and winds of the last few days has knocked down all the blossoms so they are done for this year. You may see the start of the other blossoms (akebono) and other plants and flowers starting to come in, but no more Yoshino blossoms.

      Thanks for visiting the website,
      Sakura Steve

    • Sakura Steve says:

      Hi Jaya,
      The park had another night of rain last night and your best chance will be seeing blossoms along the path that line Grenadier Pond or even near the High Park Zoo and playground. Be prepared though, as more rain is in the forecast today & tonight, that by Tuesday the overall impact will likely be even less then what I saw this past Sunday.

      Hopefully there will be some still out for you to see during your visit!

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