Sakura Watch – Updates and Photos for 2015

Sakura Bud & Bloom Tracker

Tracking for 2015 will start once the the blossoms begin to open. You can read about last year’s bloom below:

The Somei-Yoshino variety of Sakura were in peak bloom May 9-22, 2014. These blossoms are the most recognized flowers that are bright pink and white with five delicate petals. These trees are located throughout the park with the largest number along the hill and Cherry Blossom path (across the road from Grenadier Cafe) and continue along the side of Grenadier Pond.

The Akebono/Fugenzo variety of Sakura were in peak bloom May 22-27, 2014. These trees are the round, puffy flower variety and resemble doubled up carnations. There are 3 trees located at the bottom of the winding path as well as 8 more located at the bottom of Hillside Gardens and along Grenadier Pond.

The tracker will track % of bloom still able to view with PINK bars.

| 0%100% |

(1) by sports fields
(2) big hill and winding path
(3) Akebono / Fegunzo (late bloom)
(4) by Grenadier Pond & dock
(5) by playground & zoo

New site, New Features!

Welcome to the new website designed to help make your visit more enjoyable with these new features:

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Sakura Bloom Prediction

March 22, 2015 – Sakura buds can be seen on the trees and are now only in the first stage of development.  Read more on the Bloom Prediction dates page…

New and Events

Read about Sakura in High Park in the news and see upcoming cherry blossom related events

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