• Sakura Watch March 21, 2018 – Buds locked in early stages

    Sakura Watch March 21, 2018 - Buds locked in early stages of development due to continued cold weather throughout the early days of spring in Toronto. This recent visit to High Park has show little has changed with the sakura // cherry blossom trees since my last visit. Watch the latest update below:

    Bright Side

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  • Sakura Watch March 14, 2018 we see snow and buds

    Sakura Watch, March 16, 2018 we see snow and buds as winter won't yet give up its grip. Sorry for the delay in posting this update, however if you have been following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you would have seen this video update posted a couple days ago. Currently I am having some hosting issues…

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  • Sakura Watch, March 7, 2018 Buds are back

    Sakura Watch, March 7, 2018 officially begins the new cherry blossom season this year! Always looking for new ways to share the sakura with a wider audience, I will now be incorporating video along with the gallery of photos. As more and more people are watching, rather then reading, this should be a great ways to show…

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Sakura Bud & Blossom Tracker

Updated March 21, 2018Sakura Watch continues with third visit.

The tracker displays the approximate % of bud and blossoms visible in all five (5) main areas of High Park.

ORANGE bars represent bud development.

PINK bars represent cherry blossoms in bloom.

| 0%100% |

(1) by sports fields
(2) big hill and winding path
(3) Akebono / Fegunzo (late bloom)
(4) by Grenadier Pond & dock
(5) by playground & zoo

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