What's New for Sakura in High Park in 2013


What's New for Sakura in High Park in 2013 - new and improved website to launch in early April with a new theme and features, and maybe a few surprises! This is your chance to help build an even better site - tell us what you think!

  • Do you have an idea to help improve the site?

  • What new features would you most like to see on the site?

  • Would you be interested in Sakura branded T-shirts, photos, calendars or other items?

In the next few days, updates on the buds and bloom status will begin for 2013 - we had a cold winter and this week may be the first signs of spring starting in the city. This could mean later blooms than last year and pushing blooming times towards the second half of April and early May however it's still too early to say.

The excitement for 2013 is only beginning and come back for more to see in the weeks ahead!