Sakura Watch, May 8, 2015 - viewing the cherry blossom bloom at sunrise

Sakura Watch, May 8, 2015 - viewing the cherry blossom bloom at sunrise is a great way to beat the crowds and enjoy the trees under the warm colours of early morning sunlight.

After a couple of live interview segments with Jamie Gutfreund on the CP24 Breakfast show early this morning, I was able to take a few more photos as the sun was starting to rise over the High Park Trail and Hillside Gardens. Surprisingly, even at 7 in the morning, there were already a good number of people out! The usual joggers and boot camp groups were out, but it was nice to see many more photographers and blossom enthusiasts of all ages had come out so early to take in the beautiful sights and smell of the peak bloom.

What's truly unique of taking photos during sunrise, or even sunset, is what the photography terms as the 'golden hour' - this is the time where for roughly an hour during early morning and late afternoon when the sun casts warm golden colours which enhance skin tones and soften otherwise stark bright subjects with a softer, and more appealing light. The delicate white petals of the Sakura // Cherry blossoms capture these warmer colours in a way that brings out more of the pinks and more in-depth details that could seem otherwise washed out in full, bright sunlight.

Of course, we can all agree on the sakura //cherry blossoms look just downright beautiful in near any light, but this takes that beauty to another level and offers one more way to enjoy the flowers before the fall away for another year.

Have a look through the special gallery I posted today that demonstrates the dramatic difference a little warm lighting, and getting up early out of bed, can make while visiting the Sakura in High Park.