Sakura Watch May 4, 2018 - First blossom seen in High Park

Sakura Watch May 4, 2018 - the First blossom seen in High Park this morning. My day began with a radio interview with Michael Kramer of Classical FM and ZoomerMedia. Later while I started filming for today's Sakura Watch update, I spotted someone taking a picture of something white on the side of a tree. I had not walked up that way yet, but immediately I know what it had to be! So I ran over to the tree, and lo and behold, I discovered the first blossoms of 2018! Watch the latest video update from YouTube:


Few Blossoms began to open today, many more to come

Everywhere I looked, bud florets were extended with deep pink closed petal tips. With a few more sunny days, we should see a full bloom by mid-week and continue through the coming weekend. With the first blossoms already opening this weekend between May 4-6th, the peak bloom is on track to be at its fullest between May 9-12th this year.

See the photo gallery of today's visit:

Bloom may last to Mother's Day

Of course weather will be the deciding factor as always. Rain & wind could knock off petals at cut viewing times short, however I’ll be posting more updates over the coming week to see the progress of the trees. Also watch for links to the radio interview with Michael as well as a few other upcoming interviews in the week ahead. Stay tuned for more updated soon!