Sakura Watch April 24, 2018 - Some progress is seen

Sakura Watch April 24, 2018 - Some progress is seen throughout High Park as the warmer temperatures are now helping the buds move on to the next stage.  With a few rainy days ahead followed by even warmer temperatures into the weekend and next week, we should see more significant advances into the next stages soon. Watch the latest video update from YouTube:


Prescribed Burn



Yesterday also saw the prescribed annual burn happen in a few areas in the park, one near the large grove of trees across from Grenadier Restaurant. The Toronto Forestry posted notices throughout the park explaining each burn site - here an excerpt:

"This site is the location of a recent controlled burn. Prescribed (controlled) burns are used as part of the well established natural area management program to restore High Park's Black Oak Savannah. ... In the coming weeks young shoots from native savannah species will begin to emerge from the blackened soil."

See this short video of the Toronto Forestry staff working with skills and precision as posted on their Twitter feed (@TOtrees):

— Toronto Forestry (@TOtrees) April 23, 2018

Mix of round and elongated buds

As we wait for the buds to move into the next development stages, it has become more pronounced on many trees to display a mix of round and elongated buds. The round buds are most likely to be the cherished cherry blossom we're all waiting to see! The elongated buds are a different story.

Depending on weather conditions and how long into the bloom season the trees are pushed, elongated buds tend to go to leaf rather than blossom. Though some flowering may still occur, the later the time gets into May, the higher the chance they will skip the blossom stage and go straight to leaf. Overall this could lead a repeat of last year, where we saw a mix of blossoms and leaves, but still a much better showing the lacklustere bloom of 2016.

See the photo gallery of today's visit:

May bloom dates

Once I start to see the next stages of development, then I will be able to give firm dates more accurately. So far the buds still indicate a bloom time sometime closer to mid-May. Time and weather will tell! Stay tuned for more updated soon!