Sakura Watch, April 18, 2016 – Green tips begin to emerge

Sakura Watch, April 18, 2016 – Green tips begin to emerge on the sakura cherry blossom buds after the cold weather has finally given way to sunny days and much warmer weather. The first signs of spring seem to have finally made its way into 'the 6' and the forecast calls for continued good weather and warm temperatures for the weeks ahead.

Significant progress could be seen today as the buds show distinctive signs of swelling and prominent, healthy green tips - both clear signs that the blossom development is well into stage 2. The next couple of weeks will be an exciting time for all Sakura Watchers as the most dramatic changes will begin to occur over the next few stages and continue to push us towards an early May full bloom!

This coming weekend should offer even more precise insight into how fast the progress is moving now that we have mother nature on our side. I'll be examining the progression a bit more in depth throughout the park on my next visit and hope to offer even more accurate predictions for everyone.

So to all you sakura cherry blossom admirers its time to start getting geared up for the big show as its fast approaching in the weeks ahead! Stay tuned for more updates this weekend.