Sakura Watch, April 5, 2012 – More signs of blossoms, but will they bloom by Easter Sunday?

Sakura Watch, April 5, 2012 - Touring the park late this afternoon has shown a few more blossoms blooming - mostly in the trees by the soccer pitches near the High Park & Bloor entrance. Most of the blossoms that are opening up are near the top, and upper sides of the trees that would seem to get more sunlight and warmer air temperature giving them a bit of head start over the other trees in the park.

The most extensive collection of Sakura located around the main High Park Trail by Grenadier Pond is still stubbornly holding back any real progress, though I did manage to snap a few blossoms breaking the trend. However, the large Sakura tree at the top of the hill (i.e. growing in front of the bathrooms & between two giant pine trees) shows a good start of blossoms across the crown and also surprisingly blooming right out of the base at ground level!

Further walking along the paved trail towards the lookout pier was only to show nice big, bright pink buds just waiting for their debut.

My latest prediction is now that by the weekend, the Sakura by the sportsfields (closest to High Park & Bloor entrance) will be near 30-40% bloom. The main collection of trees near the pond may only begin to show blossoms and more likely start showing more progress into the mid-next week with - my prediction and opinion - to be in full bloom by next weekend.

When do you think the blossoms will begin their full bloom? Let us know in your comments below.