Sakura Watch, April 13, 2012 - Sakura are now in peak bloom! New Photos added

Sakura Watch, April 13, 2012 - The Sakura // Cherry Blossoms are now in PEAK BLOOM throughout the park (new photos below)! If you have the chance to see them today through the weekend you should see the spectacular flowering display at its best!

I'll be out this weekend taking photos and maybe more video - if you see a photographer with a big yellow sign on his camera bag, say hi! More photos to be posted this evening as soon as I'm back. See new photos shot Friday evening below:

Sakura // Cherry Blossoms by the soccer fields & baseball diamonds:

Largest Sakura // Cherry Blossoms group down High Park Trail near Grenadier Pond:

More Sakura // Cherry Blossoms lining Grenadier Pond and along the path:

Second largest group of Sakura // Cherry Blossoms near Adventure Playground and Zoo: