Sakura Watch, April 4, 2019 - Windy day in the park

Sakura Watch, April 4, 2019 - Windy day in the park made it challenging to get good photos and videos, but the wind gusts weren’t strong enough to cause any real damage to the trees. The real concern I had was with the cold. The continued exposure to cold weather has slowed bud development and is keeping them locked in the early stages.

Watch the YouTube video report below:

Where’s The Warm Weather?

What's needed is consistent warmer temperatures that stay well above freezing. The cherry blossom buds are waiting for the warmer weather to trigger the next stages to begin. The forecast does call for milder temps going into next week, but double-digit days would really help the trees to progress. See the latest photos of buds below:

With this continuing trend, the approximate dates for a peak bloom continue to be late-April or early May. More observations will be needed into mid-April before getting a more accurate time frame.

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