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CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway

May 9, 2018 // Radio

Had the pleasure to speak about the High Park cherry blossoms with Matt Galloway on the CBC Metro Morning radio show // Listen to the interview


After a late start to spring, Toronto’s cherry blossoms are set to take bloom

May 4, 2018 // article

CBC News - Just when it seemed like winter's grip on Toronto might never end, spring has finally sprung in the city and with it comes the start of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  ... Read the article...


Bloom and bust: High Park’s cherry blossoms miss their peak

May 12, 2016 // ARTICLE

TheStar.com - If you're still waiting for cherry blossoms in High Park, you're out of luck. Experts blame this spring’s sporadic weather for the stunted spectacle. ... Read the article...



Will the High Park cherry blossoms bloom this year?

May 6, 2016 // ARTICLE

TheStar.com - If you plan on marveling at the beautiful High Park cherry blossoms this Mother’s Day weekend, prepare to be marvelously disappointed by Mother Nature. ... Read the article...


When High Park’s cherry blossoms will bloom

May 5, 2016 // ARTICLE

TorontoLife.com - Anyone planning on Instagramming the hell out of their cherry blossom picnic may want to sit down for this. Steve Joniak, who in past years has been reliable at forecasting peak bloom in High Park’s famous Somei-Yoshino cherry groves … Read the article...


When High Park’s cherry blossoms will bloom

May 4, 2015 // ARTICLE

TheStar.com posted an article which included our cherry blossoms bloom prediction and Google map. … Read the article...



High Park cherry blossoms won’t bloom until mid-May, polar vortex to blame

May 3, 2014 // ARTICLE

Article by Taylor Poelman, Special to CTVNews.ca … Read the article...

No sign of cherry blossoms

May 1, 2014 // VIDEO

Marcia MacMillan of CTV News Channel interviews Sakura in High Park blog creator Steve Joniak [who] says due to a harsh winter High Park cherry blossoms may not bloom until mid-May. … Watch video >

High Park cherry blossoms delayed by long winter

April 30, 2014 // ARTICLE

Read an article in the Toronto Star which featured Sakura Steve and speaking of the lateness of Cherry Blossom in High Park this year. … Read the article...