Sakura Watch, March 19, 2017 show buds survived latest snowfall in Toronto this past week. We were lucky the snow and cold that hit other parts of Southern Ontario mostly passed over us. The buds were still closed and well protected from any freezing temperatures as this weekend visit shows.

Healthy Buds

Have a look at the gallery above to see how the buds are well rounded and seem mostly healthy. A few branches show some shrivelled and under developed buds, as seen in the last two photos. However most of the buds I’ve seen so far are looking good and seem to be on track to move on to the next stages of bud development.

Still to early to predict

This is the second visit to the park and although spring is officially here, winter isn’t over yet. The weather over the coming weeks will play a big roll in how fast the buds will develop. If we get to see warmer temperatures and some occasional rainfall, that could help the progress along. But if we get more freezing cold days and even some snow, that could slow things down. So for now I’ll be keeping watch and update again next weekend. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks a picture of when the bloom will happen this year will become more clear. Check back again soon!

Sakura Watch 2017 begins this month! After last year’s bust of no flowers, many are hopeful for a much more fulfilling bloom this year. How will 2017 compare to 2016? Let’s begin by examining a few early factors.

The Weather

This year’s winter has been much more forgiving then last. The Weather Network’s Spring Forecast (watch here) notes near normal or above normal temperatures for April and May. This bodes well for the cherry blossom buds as more predictable and stable temperatures should help the trees and buds to properly grow.

March may still be a bit up and down. Extreme cycles with warmer above zero week days followed by freezing sub-zero weekends. The one consolation is the buds are currently protected from the extreme changes because it is early in the development process.

Bud to Bloom Development

There was much disappointment in 2016. A harsh, long winter with severe cold damaged the sakura / cherry blossom trees throughout High Park. Confused buds stayed closed much longer then their normal schedules. The lack of expected warmer weather meant most buds simply skipped producing any flowers at all and went straight to leaves instead.

First visit to High Park in 2017

2017 has so far (fingers crossed!) been a much temperate and forgiving year. A first visit to the park this weekend saw good early signs that some buds are on track. The -13 C winds only allowed me to take a few photos, but its a good starting point. The gallery above show what look like good, healthy blossom buds progress so far. More visits in the coming weeks should help determine when to expect to see a bloom this year.

When will they Sakura Cherry Blossoms bloom in 2017?

With only an initial visit so far, its still too early to estimate. I know MANY of you have already been asking! As it stands today, the initial estimate is to see a normal late April to early May bloom time. Remember this is ONLY A GUESS and a few more visits should help be more accurate so check back on this site or any of our social media sites like facebook, twitter, and instagram to stay up to date on the Sakura Watch.

Sakura Watch, March 18, 2016 – Buds continue to grow in the wet and mild March weather. The good news is the Sakura cherry blossom trees are looking strong and healthy throughout the park.

Questions of course turn to wondering when will the Sakura trees bloom this year? The large and round shape of the buds which are showing distinct tips indicate that still in the early stages of development.

The trend so far seems to point towards the cherry blossoms beginning to bloom in the later half of April. This would be the normal time the blooms have opened in previous years. Further updates will help determine how fast they develop. As well, if the warmer, mild weather trend continues into April then we can also expect to see a bloom by mid to late April this year.

Watch for more updates on the weeks ahead – have a great weekend!

Sakura Watch, March 20, 2015 – First day of spring and first look at the Sakura buds and the official beginning of the Sakura Watch for 2015!

My initial impression lend to the idea the trees all tend to look healthier with more buds then this same time last year. Though most of the roadside trees have has some significant amount of pruning, the bulk of the cherry blossom trees seem to have survived this past winter and cold weather rather well.

So can we predict when the trees will bloom this year? Well there is definitely going to be at least a month away considering Grenadier Pond itself is still frozen over (see photo above)! Its still too early to accurately predict, though keeping with the usual time frames of last week of April to early May is definitely a safe assumption for now.

Keep following my updates through the website, Facebook and Twitter in the weeks ahead as I will continually visit the park and photograph the progress and help everyone to predict when the best time will be to see the cherry blossom blooms.

Thanks for visiting the site, and watch for new features, galleries and other sakura related info in the near future!


Sakura Watch – March 31, 2013 – Buds in High Park were looking good throughout the various areas of the park. Smaller sizes were seen by Grenadier Pond sizing an average of 4-8mm while the trees near the sports fields were already 10mm-13mm on average. These are still the early stages of the blossom but good signs that they may have survived one of our harshest winters in years! Time will tell in the weeks ahead how they progress, but these photos show the beautiful layered texture of the young buds. Let’s hope that they keep growing into blossoms in the weeks ahead!


First look at the Sakura // Cherry Blossoms in 2014 in mid-March show the early stages of the buds have seemed to so far survived the harsh winter and cold. Although spring may be soon on the calendar, as you the pictures show, the winter is still hanging on which will likely push the blooming dates in late April or even May. More to see in the weeks ahead!


Sakura Watch for 2014 to start soon! I will begin posting regular updates in the upcoming weeks – hopefully once this long winter of extreme cold and snow finally ends! Lookout for new announcements and updates soon!

Sakura Watch for March 31 – Happy Easter everyone!

Current peak bloom estimate: April 19-28

The buds are still closed for the Easter long weekend and a bit of cold over the first few days of April will only help to slow down the buds from opening a little longer. But I’ll keep checking on the Sakura over the week and add further updates to the progress of the trees. Here are some photos taken March 29-31st:

Sakura - Cherry Blossom trees with closed buds - March 29-31, 2013 Sakura - Cherry Blossom trees with closed buds - March 29-31, 2013 Sakura - Cherry Blossom trees with closed buds - March 29-31, 2013 Sakura - Cherry Blossom trees with closed buds - March 29-31, 2013 Sakura - Cherry Blossom trees with closed buds - March 29-31, 2013 Sakura - Cherry Blossom trees with closed buds - March 29-31, 2013