Sakura Watch, May 2, 2017 cherry blossoms fall throughout High Park

Sakura Watch, May 2, 2017 fall throughout High Park after a few consecutive days of rain and wind shorten the . While exploring the park this evening, I was walking over carpets of sakura petals that had already fallen.

Peak, full bloom may be done, but blossom are not over

Although the peak, full bloom has ended, there are still plenty of blossom to see before even more rainy days come our way later this week. All the sakura trees were still showing between 30-50% of cherry blossom flowers still intact. So there are plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of the delicate, beautiful flowers before they all disappear for another year.

Late bloomers still to come

Of course there are the other variety of sakura blossoms from the Akebono/Fegunzo trees that still waiting to bloom. These trees are always a few weeks behind the other cherry blossoms. These flower tend to be larger, rounder and look more carnation like but are also beautiful to see. Watch for more follow up updates on these in the coming weeks.

Magnificent magnolias and fiery forsythia

As spring continues to slowly warm up we can all look forward to many other plants and flowers throughout High Park to begin to bloom. Two other co-stars of the sakura on Cherry Hill are the one large magnolia tree an bright yellow forsythia bush are both now in full bloom. Always crowd pleasers, many people can be seen enjoying both at the top and bottom of the hill respectively.

Sakura Watch, May 2, 2017 cherry blossoms fall throughout High Park

Forsythia bushes near the bottom of Cherry Hill

Sakura Watch, May 2, 2017 cherry blossoms fall throughout High Park

Magnolia tree near the top of the Japanese Garden near the top of Cherry Hill

Last chance

If you haven’t seen the sakura cherry blossoms yet this year and want to catch one last glimpse, go see them now! If the rain and winds forecast for the rest of this week are true then there won’t be much to see at all this coming weekend.

Thanks for visiting and watch for another follow up visit later this week.