Sakura Watch, March 7, 2018 officially begins the new cherry blossom season this year! Always looking for new ways to share the sakura with a wider audience, I will now be incorporating video along with the gallery of photos. As more and more people are watching, rather then reading, this should be a great ways to show the sakura updates in a more creative and engaging way.

Video allows me to do more then I can with simply photos, so watch for more video incorporating on this site and throughout social media including YouTube (please subscribe). Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the new format..

Buds are Back

As seen in the video, the photos below show well formed and healthy looking blossom buds – great indicators that the trees are doing well and progressing along to their normal schedule. With a less harsh winter and days of above seasonal temperatures, the cherry blossoms look to be on track for a normal blooming time between mid-April to early May.

Click image thumbnails to enlarge.

This is not yet an accurate prediction as I would need a few more weeks of observations to narrow down more exact dates. Weather extremes can push the dates out further if gets too cold or even sooner if temperatures rise above seasonal norms. As always, its the one wildcard that can easily throw predictions for a loop.

Let me know your thoughts

What would you like to see more of this year on this website? Do you like the new video updates? What could be improved? I welcome your feedback as I try hard to offer as much information and visual beauty to each of my posts. I appreciate you all who take the time to visit the website or any of my other social media pages and want to say thank you for visiting and watch for the next update soon!