Sakura Watch, March 26, 2017 see little change in buds throughout High Park. Though the buds do look healthy with a full round shape, they are still slowly developing. Best estimates would be they are still in the first stage and getting close to move into the second stage.

Waiting on the Weather

It looks like mother nature is figuring out when to turn up the heat. As cooler temperatures go up and down these past few weeks, there has not been enough consistent numbers to help stabilize the development. One big positive is the winter overall has been more mild then last year. The rain in recent days is also a boon to the trees as the thirsty sakura cherry blossoms drink up the water to help the buds grow fuller.

On Track with Hokkaido

As of this week the trees continue to develop into the normal time of development of late April to early May. Interestingly, Toronto is one of the most northern climates where Japanese cherry blossoms can actually bloom. In Japan, the Hokkaido island have the most northern locations where cherry blossoms bloom in Hakodate, Sapporo and Muroran. So when things go right, Toronto sakura should be in full bloom near or at the same time as they do in Northern Japan. Currently, these locations are show full bloom to be estimated between May 3-May 10.

Toronto weather over the month of April will dictate when we should see our bloom. Stay tuned for more updates so you won’t miss our blossoms!