Sakura Watch // 2016 Updates & Photos

Photos of sakura cherry blossom buds shot April 30, 2016 by Steven Joniak -

Sakura Watch, May 1, 2016 – Will we see blossoms this year?

Sakura , May 1, 2016 – Will we see this year? That’s the troubling question on my mind as walking through the park this weekend showed no progress on bud floral development but instead seeing much more buds growing into leaves. Usually we should be seeing the buds swell and begin to display their (blossom flower […]

Sakura Bud & Bloom Tracker

Updated April 24, 2016 – Buds are seen throughout the park and we are still in the early stages.

The tracker displays the approximate % of bud and blossoms currently visible on the sakura tress in all five (5) main areas of High Park.

Bud stages progress is shown with ORANGE bars. Longer bars represent the latter stages of bud development which are nearest to bloom.

Blossoms bloom progress is shown with PINK bars. Longer bars represent the amount of cherry blossoms visible on the trees.

| 0%100% |

(1) by sports fields
(2) big hill and winding path
(3) Akebono / Fegunzo (late bloom)
(4) by Grenadier Pond & dock
(5) by playground & zoo

Sakura Bloom Prediction

Updated April 24, 2016 – Current progress in the bud development is keeping the prediction that bloom dates will be between May 5-12, 2016, however some of the buds are going straight to leaves. …

Read more on the Bloom Prediction dates page …

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