Sorry for late update posting! With preparations for Easter weekend I still squeezed in some time for another walk through the park and have the photos to show you the progress and predictions on what to expect this weekend.

I will say outright that its looking like the full bloom will be definitely pushed into next week – my prediction is at least mid-week towards the 13-15th weekend. Throughout most of the park, the Sakura // Cherry Blossoms are still predominately in bud stage with the very few rare open blooms to see. Here are a few photos to look through, but keep reading below to see one possible early surprise!

Sakura // Cherry Blossoms down the High Park Trail near Grenadier Pond - still predominantly buds.Cherry blossom bloom still waiting to openEarly cherry blossom bloomMore early buds near Grenadier Pond in High Park.Sakura // Cherry Blossom from atop the hill in High Park.Set of Sakura // Cherry Blossoms by Spring Rd in High Park.

However, for those wanting to get an early start on seeing some new cherry blossom blooms for 2012, check out the trees nearest the High Park & Bloor entrance that are next to the soccer fields (right beside the roadway). Some of these trees are already close to 20% bloom and could possibly be even close to 50% by Easter Sunday, depending on the weather. The chance of rain on Sunday could more then dampen the mood of eager egg-hunters – it could also bring down the already delicate bloom petals beginning to open.

First blooming sakura // cherry blossom tree by sports fields.Fully open sakura - cherry blossom.View of the upper branches with lots of sakura - cherry blossoms.Popcorn like sakura - cherry blossoms by the sports fields in High Park.

The bright side is since most trees are still in the budding stage then those beautiful blooms will say well protected for many more, hopefully sunny warm days ahead. I’ll be adding a separate post about this weekends updates and other site goings on, but I hope you enjoyed the photos from around the park today – April 6, 2012.

Happy Easter everyone!




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  1. Wilger says:

    Okay, I’m so CRAZY PROUD OF YOU!!!! This shoot is amazing, the idea the poohts you captured, the lighting, the EVERY THING!! And then the rest of your work on the blog and website is just GORGEOUS! At our Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop this weekend, one of the attendees was saying how inspired they are by you and your work, and I had to pop over here and tell you that I’m kind of weepy about how proud I am of you. Love you!xo,Me Ra

  2. Amiee says:

    Happy Easter!
    Thank you so much for sharing your photos and all. I went to High Park on April 6 too.
    My concern about next week is that the weather doesn’t look great for the first half of the week (raining on Tuesday, and temperature is down to 2-9). Hopefully the petals won’t be brought down that much.
    Thanks again =)

    • Sakura Steve says:

      I’m happy you are liking the site and photos – I had the chance to get back to the park this afternoon after the Easter weekend and noticed some good progress (you can see my latest update – ).

      To answer your question, today was very windy but the trees held up well! If the rain isn’t too strong the petals that are out should be intact for later this week. The other point to note is that since not all the buds are out at full peak then there will be more to enjoy later this week and weekend!

      Thanks for your comments and hope this answers your question and hope you have the chance to enjoy the Sakura // Cherry Blossoms. 🙂

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